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Welcome to my Portfolio!

I am an IT student currently studying for a bachelor degree in Software Engineering at the Fontys Hogescholen Eindhoven with a specialization in Game Design & Technology. A passion of mine is to bring people together through games and I believe everyone should keep playing to keep their mind keen. Feel free to visit my LinkedIn or accounts. Click here to open my CV in a new tab.


The projects that I have worked on so far.

Santa Sleigher

Santa Sleigher was a game I made in a team of 4 for the Yogscast Game Jam of 2020. The theme of the jam was: “Surprise”. Santa Sleigher is a singleplayer top down shooter where you have to stop the evil santa from wrecking the local mall and ruining Christmas. It’s a surprise what kind of weapon you’ll pick up and santa being evil should also be a surprise. The game was made in Unity.

Jingle Jangle Toy Workshop

Jingle Jangle Toy Workshop was a game that I made during the Yogscast Game Jam 2019 with a group of 6. It’s a local 4 player party game that was made in 2 days. We’ve won the game jam with this game. The theme of the jam was: “Giving”. The game was made in Unity.

Wind Tales

During the first internship of my study during the 3rd year I worked at Wind Tales B.V. I worked on their applied games Wind Tales and Revalair, both for patients with lung diseases

Save the Spincess

Save the Spincess is a mobile hack’n’slash sidescroller game that I made in a team of 2 students for a school project.

Graduation Project – Unity UI Toolkit

For my graduation project I interned at Triangle Studios, due to an NDA I am not able to go fully into detail. For this project I worked on porting over a UI framework based on Unity GUI made by them over to Unity’s new UI Toolkit framework. For this I had to get accustomed to both their framework and UI Toolkit.

Populous: Reincarnated – Modding Projects

Populous: Reincarnated is an online community for the game Populous: The Beginning. For this version I am working on multiple projects. Some of these projects I work on alone and for some I work with other community members. Populous Reincarnated is a game from 1998 that is still being updated by the community, recently they added a Beta version that allowed cooperative play and 8 player multiplayer. With this Beta version they also added LUA modding support which I am working with.

Basic Information

Born in the Netherlands
Been on earth since the 23th of July 1998
Fluent in English/Dutch and know a bit of German
Good at finding solutions


Worked with HTML, CSS
C#,, Java and Lua
Agile/Scrum development
Unity 3D
Audacity & Fmod Studio sound design
Blender modelling
Used some C++ for Arduino


Making awesome indie games
Making things work in games
Working out ideas for games
Gaming with my friends
Taking a walk outside
Reading fantasy books and immersing myself in new worlds

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