Graduation Project Unity UI Toolkit

Game Development Portfolio

For my graduation project I interned at Triangle Studios, due to an NDA I am not able to go fully into detail. For this project I worked on porting over a UI framework based on Unity GUI made by them over to Unity’s new UI Toolkit framework. For this I had to get accustomed to both their framework and UI Toolkit.

What I worked on:

  • Prototyping
  • User acceptance tests
  • Documentation
  • Technical designs
  • Implementation

Focus of the project:

  • Working alone on a separate project for a company.
  • Documenting and managing the whole project process.
  • Working with brand new technology.
  • Learning how an already existing framework works.
  • Advising the company on a plan of action.

What I learned:

  • Conducting user acceptance tests.
  • Working with little documentation from Unity.
  • Experimenting with brand new technology.
  • How to communicate issues clearly to Unity’s developers and colleagues.