Game Development Portfolio

The Yogscast playing the game live during their Jingle Jam event stream. (Starting at 23:44)

Jingle Jangle Toy Workshop was a game that I made during the Yogscast Game Jam 2019 with a group of 6. It’s a local 4 player party game that was made in 2 days. We’ve won the game jam with this game. During this jam I focused on working on the backend and implementation of everything in the final product with one other programmer. The design was done by the whole group together. The game was made in Unity.

What I worked on:

  • The design of this game.
  • Programming most of the backend: input, menu controls, mannequins, wishlists, the endscreen and implemented all the sounds.
  • Implementing all the code, art, sounds into the scene.

Focus of the project:

  • Design and create a game within 48 hours.
  • Stick to a theme: “Giving”.
  • Work with people you don’t know (I only knew 2).

What I learned:

  • Planning is important.
  • Working with strangers.

Itch.io page

Game Jam submission page

Code snippets

These methods are called when a player dies (Transparent) and respawns (Solid).
This method is called whenever a new part is placed on a Mannequin.
These are all the fields in the Mannequin script.
This method is called whenever a player interacts with a Mannequin.