Populous: Reincarnated – Modding Projects

Game Development Portfolio

Populous: Reincarnated is an online community for the game Populous: The Beginning. For this version I am working on multiple projects. Some of these projects I work on alone and for some I work with other community members. Populous Reincarnated is a game from 1998 that is still being updated by the community, recently they added a Beta version that allowed cooperative play and 8 player multiplayer. With this Beta version they also added LUA modding support which I am working with.

I am also volunteering as a “mappack admin” and as such am a member of staff. As a mappack admin I check mappacks made by community members that want to upload them into the map rotation for everyone. While checking I have to make sure the maps are bug free and playable.

I work on these projects and the volunteering work in my spare time almost weekly.

What I am working on:

  • Level design
  • Level implementation
  • AI behaviour (LUA)
  • Testing
  • Checking maps and scripts made by others
  • Rebalancing the game
  • A new game mode

Focus of the project:

  • Working alone and with others on side projects
  • Learning LUA

What I learned:

  • How to code in LUA
  • How the AI in Populous works
  • Designing interesting dynamics with pre-written mechanics
  • How to give feedback on others work