Santa Sleigher

Game Development Portfolio

Santa Sleigher was a game I made in a team of 4 for the Yogscast Game Jam of 2020. For this jam I worked together with 1 programmer that I knew and 1 artist and 1 musician that I did not know. The theme of the jam was: “Surprise”. Santa Sleigher is a singleplayer top down shooter where you have to stop the evil santa from wrecking the local mall and ruining Christmas. It’s a surprise what kind of weapon you’ll pick up and santa being evil should also be a surprise. The game was made in Unity.

What I worked on:

  • The design of the game.
  • Programming most of the backend: presents and weapons.
  • Fixing bugs after the jam and balancing everything better.
  • Implementing the sound effects, soundtracks, art and code into the scenes.

Focus of the project:

  • Design and create a game within 48 hours.
  • Stick to a theme: “Surprise”.
  • Work with people that you don’t know.

What I learned:

  • Better planning skills.
  • Working with strangers.

Code snippets

The code that is used for each gun to shoot, we added the optionality for multiple bullets (for a shotgun or something similar) but ended up not using it due to time.
Used for the spawning of presents. It makes sure that there are no double presents on the same spawn location.