Unity player movement prototype

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Unity player movement prototype

For my first Unity Prototype I want to test and tweak the player movement inside the spaceship, for this I do need to make my own sprite for the spaceship and create all the movement code.

So far I’ve managed to let 4 different controllers connect and let the players choose which character they want to play. Each player can move their own character in any direction.

To allow 4 players to play the game I made a join system that disables all players until they press the join button, which is the same as the jump button. This way, there will never be an uncontrolled player character in the game.

After setting up 4 controllers, I tested the movement with one other person. All player characters were moveable at the same time and were linked to their respective controller.

This prototype showed that the basic movement of the players worked and I began to work on adding the rest of the controls that allowed the players to control the spaceship and all attached parts.

The spaceship sprite that was used during the test.

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