User Tests – Industry Project

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User Tests – Industry Project

For our industry project for Game Solutions Lab I also conducted user tests with another group member. For these user tests I helped set up the documents defining what we want to learn and test and I also communicated with our contact person at a nursery home. We decided to try and test our game with the actual target audience, since we could not easily access them in our contact circles.

Below are the mails I exchanged with our contact person at the nursery home.

Apart from testing with our actual target audience I also conducted some tests with other Game Design students. The results are in the below PDFs

Before we could set up the user tests we had to pitch our project to our contact person and a couple of her colleagues. The report of this visit is in the PDF below.

The results from the user test with our target audience are in the PDF below. I helped with writing down our findings, but the actual document was written by someone else.

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