Level Design – Analysis

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Level Design – Analysis

The first level I made was shabby and not well thought out. This was because I did not know exactly what makes a good level. I drew a quick design of the level.

First level design

After this first design I was running into a lot of problems with implementing all the features on time, so for the latest prototype I chose to leave out the enemies and instead make stationary obstacles. For this version I made a new level design that was better thought out, but was still missing something.

Level design with stationary obstacles

When looking through the design I was unsure of how to guide the players through the right path. In the design there were two different paths, but nothing explained the players what they could expect from each path.

So to make a proper level I asked myself: “How can I make a level where the path to take is clear to the player without outright telling them?”

Because I did not know the answer to this question I first did some research on this. This research is documented in the PDF below.

For this research I analysed some games myself and also looked at relevant articles online. Afterwards I started working on the final design of the first level.

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